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Timber and Log Saws

One Man Crosscut Saw
Two Man Crosscut Saw
Lynx 3' One Man Crosscut Saw
Lynx 4' Two Man Crosscut Saw
Lynx 5' Two Man Crosscut Saw
Lynx 6' Two Man Crosscut Saw
Lynx 8' Two Man Crosscut Saw
One Man Crosscut Saw. Perfect for timber framing, log building, or any heavy cutting job. Use the starting teeth to introduce a kerf, then the 3 TPI main teeth, which cut on both the push and pull stroke, to quickly slice through the toughest jobs. This heavy duty, hand hammered German saw has a 32" blade. Two Man Crosscut Saw. Whether you're building a timber frame home or cutting a few pieces of firewood, this saw will make short work of slicing through the toughest wood. The 4 ft. German blade is hand sharpened and set, ready to take on the heaviest cutting jobs. Overall length 52" with 8-1/2" hardwood handles.