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Japanese Beading And Cross Cut Saws

Bakuma Crosscut Saw 250mm with Replaceable Blade
Bakuma Crosscut Saw 250mm Replacement Blade
Japanese Beading Saw. This precise saw is great for very small, fine joinery work where accuracy and saw control are critical. Developed with, and for, period furnituremaker Ron Clarkson, this saw is perfect for creating those small, delicate dovetails seen on the finest antique furniture.
  • Pull stroke cutting with this .010" thick 23 TPI, steel backed beading saw leaves precise, thin kerfs (approx. 1/64") and unbelievably smooth cuts.
  • Overall length 14-1/2".
  • Blade is 7-1/4" with a 6" cutting length.
  • Maximum cutting depth is 1/2".
Bakuma Cross Cut Saws. Offer an aggressive cutting action which is great for general purpose, quick cutting of both hard and soft woods. Handles are raffia wrapped and blades feature impulse hardened teeth so they wear less and stay sharp longer. Both saws have replaceable blades and #126311 is 5mm (.0236") thick and the 126312 blade is .7mm thick to ensure they will stand up to the toughest applications. The 250mm has 19 TPI and is 24" long with a blade length of 9-3/4". The 300mm saw has 13 TPI and is 27" long, blade is 11-3/4".