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Lynx Handmade Saws

Lynx WCLG8 Gents Saw 8"
Lynx WCLH26 Hand Saw/Crosscut Saw 26" x 8 TPI
Lynx WCLR26 Ripping Saw 26" x 4-1/2 TPI
Lynx WCLP22 Hand Saw/Crosscut Saw 22" x 10 TPI
Lynx WCLT14 Crosscut Tenon Saw 14" x 3-1/8" Depth x 15 TPI .054"
Lynx WCLT12 Crosscut Tenon Saw 12" x 3" Depth x 15 TPI .048"
Lynx WCLD8 Crosscut Tenon Saw 8" x 2-1/4" Depth x 20 TPI .048"
Since 1858, the Garlick Saw Company of Sheffield, England has been quietly making some of the finest quality saws ever produced. Their 'Lynx' brand saws have long been recognized for superior craftsmanship.
  • Each saw is individually produced by a craftsman who ensures that you get a reliable tool that holds a sharp cutting edge, and will not fail under constant hard use.
  • Setting and grinding of the teeth is done by hand so that proper tooth geometry is maintained for the best cutting action.
  • Handles are carefully crafted and fitted to blades with solid brass mounting bolts.
  • These are traditional saws, made slowly using time-honored production methods and not high speed machinery.
Lynx Hand Saws. Taper ground blade provides friction-free cutting. Hollowing of the back reduces weight, improves balance, and lets the saw tip start a cut in confined areas (great for remodeling situations). Available in standard 26" length, and smaller 22" blade for student use or for craftsmen who prefer the shorter size to reduce flexing and binding. Lynx Gents Saws The perfect partner to the Lynx Hand and Back Saws, this saw has an alloy steel blade with a bright brass back and an attractively finished handle is standard. Available with 8 and 10" blades. Lynx Reversible Gents Saw The saw, with its offset alloy blade and a bright finish, high quality, brass back, facilitates either the right or left-handed worker. The cranked handle allows you to cut into the most awkward corners with ease.