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STANLEY Rabbet Planes

Rabbet Plane, Bullnose, No. 90
Rabbet Plane, No. 92
Rabbet Plane, No. 93
Bullnose Rabbet Plane No. 90. Sides are ground flat and at a right angle to the bottom. Mouth adjusts for coarse or fine work, and the entire top can be removed for conversion to a chisel plane. The 4" long body is nickel plated to prevent rusting. 1" cutter width. UK. Rabbet Plane No. 92 is a larger version of the No. 90. The longer body aids in finer cutting action and control. It has an adjustable mouth and it can be made into a chisel plane. 5-1/2" long, cutter width 3/4". UK. Rabbet Plane No. 93 is similar to the No. 92, except for size. Body is 6-1/2" long, cutter 1" wide. UK. These tools are factory ground and require honing before use. Woodcraft's Sharpening Shop can expertly hone your tools prior to shipping. Simply add the appropriate number of sharpenings to your cart before checking out.