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Mujingfang Rosewood & Ebony Planes

Mujingfang Ebony 8-1/2" Plane
Mujingfang Ebony 9-1/2" Plane
Mujingfang Ebony 18" Jointer Plane
Mujingfang Rosewood Small Polishing Plane
Mujingfang Rosewood 6-1/2" Polishing Plane
Mujingfang Rosewood 7" Smoothing Plane for Hardwoods
Mujingfang Rosewood 8-1/2" Polishing Plane w/ 2" Blade
Mujingfang Rosewood 9" Polishing Plane w/1-3/4" Blade
Mujingfang Rosewood 11" Jack Plane for Hardwoods
Mujingfang Rosewood Long 3/4" Rabbet Plane
Mujingfang 5/8" Set of Rosewood Hollow & Rounding Planes
Mujingfang 5/16" Set of Rosewood Hollow & Rounding Planes
Mujingfang Rosewood 1" Rabbet Plane
Mujingfang Rosewood Adjustable Plough Plane
Mujingfang Ebony Miniature Scraping Plane
Mujingfang Ebony Miniature Rebate Plane
Mujingfang Ebony Dutch Style Thumb Plane
Mujingfang Ebony Thumb Plane
Approximately 20 years ago Mujingfang decided to begin producing high quality Chinese Style Planes. Previously, the manufacture of these planes was a cottage industry with little or no quality control. Mujingfang gathered the best plane makers from around the country and brought them to their Hong Kong factory from where they supplied master craftsmen throughout South East Asia. Recently, they decided to offer their handmade planes to Western woodworkers. Woodworkers in Taiwan prefer this style of plane. It is designed to be pulled as are Japanese planes. The bodies are cut from well-aged selected pieces of ebony and contoured to fit the hand. A brass wear plate is dovetailed into the throat opening on the sole. The blade, embedded at 45°, is A2 high speed steel tempered to RCH 62-63. The blades are sharpened and will cut. But for best performance, they should be fully honed prior to use.