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Pinnacle Story Stick Pro

Pinnacle Story Stick Pro Caliper Arms
$11.08 $19.99
Pinnacle Story Stick Pro Replacement Tabs
$11.08 $19.99
Easy to set up and extremely accurate, the Pinnacle Story Stick Pro allows you to transfer your pre-set dimensions perfectly to the workpiece, even when making repetitive marks on multiple pieces. The Story Stick Pro is now available in two lengths, 24" (600mm) and 48" (1200mm), and both have a standard and center scale on the top surface for easy visibility.

Clear, double marking tabs extend from both edges of the track, allowing you to create a mirror image when marking opposite sides of a cabinet or opposite edges of a board without having to reconfigure the marking tabs. Marking the layout for cabinet hinges, hardware or drawer slides has never been easier–simply set the tabs to the desired dimension, snug the knobs and mark the layout! Use opposite sides of the tabs to mark opposite sides of the cabinet for a true mirror layout that is guaranteed to be the same.

Accessory caliper arms allow you to create a physical “stick” for use as a “cut-to” reference, to achieve custom fit cuts without the measurement of an actual dimension.

Both Story Stick Pros feature 1/16" graduations and comes with four clear marking tabs and one end stop.