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Centerpoint Rules

US Tape Centerpoint Tape Measure, 16' Model
Centerpoint Ruler, 12"
Centerpoint Ruler, 24"
A patented center finding scale makes centering as easy as measuring. Simply measure the total distance using the top scale, then find the same number on the bottom scale, and that is the center of the work. It's that easy! Each product is constructed from the highest quality materials for years of use. All read from left to right and include standard layout marks. Centerpoint Tape Measures. Take the guesswork out of finding the center of sheet stock, large glueups, even billets. These tape measures will quickly become indispensable aids around the shop. Features include a .050 gauge blade, tough ABS housing, and heavy-duty spring for smooth retract. The 25' tape has a 1" wide blade; the 16' tape is 3/4" wide. Centerpoint Rulers. Just align with the edge and mark the center. It's nearly as quick as a bull's eye and the etched, black filled markings make it a great all-around bench rule. Made of 1" wide, .031 gauge stainless steel for durability and rigidity.