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Woodworker's 3 pc. Ruler Set
Woodcraft Bench Rule, 12"
Woodcraft Shop Rule, 24"
Woodcraft Pocket Rule, 6"
Woodcraft Precision Straight Edge, 24"
Woodcraft 6" Hook Rule
Woodcraft Hook Rule, 24"
$39.36 $54.99
High Precision And Reliability For A Lifetime Of Accurate Measuring. These steel rules have been heat treated and tempered to stand up to rugged use. Finished in a satin chrome so the precise graduations, photochemically etched and black filled, are easy to read. Made in the U.S.A., these rules meet official Federal specifications for accuracy. 6" Pocket Rule. Rigid, 3/4" wide, .040" thick, with 1/2mm increments one side, 1/32" on the other, reads left-to-right and right-to-left. 1/32" end graduations for checking router settings. 12" Bench Rule. Keep your combination square together and use this reliable tool for serious bench measurements. 1" wide rigid rule, .040" thick, with 1/32" and 1/64" on one side, 1mm on the other. 24" Shop Rule. For longer measurements where end-to-end measurements with a 12" rule or the inaccuracy of a tape could jeopardize your project. Rigid, 1-3/16" wide, .040" thick, 1/64" on one side, 1/2mm on the other. Woodworker's Ruler Set. Our most popular 6", 12", and 24" rules, in a set that everyone will appreciate for quality and value. 36" Shop Rule. Rigid, 1-5/32" wide, .040" thick rule is graduated in 1/32" and 1/64" on one side and 1/8" and 1/16" on the other. 24" Precision Straight Edge. Perfect for layout, checking the flatness of planes, power tool table tops, and the setting of jointers. 1-1/2" wide, .080" thick, with a .002" tolerance over the length of the blade. WOODCRAFT Hook Rules allow exact measurements from ends or edges without struggling to see both ends of your rule at the same time. 6" Hook Rule. Rigid, 3/4" wide and .040" thick, with 1/2mm increments on one side 1/32" on the other. 12" Hook Rule. Rigid, 1" wide, .040" thick, with 1/2mm increments one side, 1/32" on the other. 24" Hook Rule. Rigid, 1-3/16" wide .040" thick rule, graduated in 1/64" on one side and 1/2mm on the other.