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Woodpeckers Measuring Tools

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Square 12in x 8in
Woodpeckers Mini Square
Woodpeckers 6" Carpenters Square with Inch Graduations
Woodpeckers Precision Triangle Combo - 4.5" & 6.25"
Woodpeckers Rule Stop 1inch
Woodpeckers Rule Stop 2inch
Woodpeckers SERX Straight Edge Rule 24inch
Woodpeckers SERX Straight Edge Rule 36inch
Woodpeckers 6inch Woodworking Rule
Woodpeckers 12inch Woodworking Rule
Woodpeckers 24inch Woodworking Rule
Woodpeckers 36inch Woodworking Rule
Woodpeckers Hook Stop
Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro 24 inch
Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro 48 inch
Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro Caliper Arms 1-set
Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro Replacement Marking Tabs 4-piece
Craft higher quality, more professional cabinetry and furniture with Woodpeckers Measuring Tools. What makes Woodpeckers Measuring Tools better than most other rules available?
  • They're laser engraved markings are more accurate than printed or stamped scales
  • The edges of the rules are beveled at 30° so the scales are easy to align with pencil marks
  • Accuracy of this machined aluminum is better than .001" over the entire length of the tool
  • Both blade and base of the squares are machined from a single aluminum block which results in a more accurate square
  • Tools are anodized for increased durability
  • Many tools include a custom fitted MDF case that not only holds the tool, but also protects it when not in use. Wall mount the case to keep your tools handy for easy access!
  • Made in the USA.