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STARRETT Measuring Tools

STARRETT 6" Combination Square
STARRETT 4" Combo Square With Centerhead
STARRETT Centerhead For 12" Square
STARRETT Protractor Head For 12" Square
STARRETT 24" Extended Length Rule
STARRETT 2-1/2" Double Square
STARRETT 4" Double Square
STARRETT 6" Double Square
STARRETT 12" Combination Square
Starrett tools feature unerring American-made precision and durability. Their century-old dedication to producing only the highest quality tools has earned them the well-deserved title of "the world's greatest toolmakers". Measuring tools have working surfaces ground to a demanding +/- .00001". Rules are made of engraved, hardened, premium-quality steel finished with an easy-to-read satin chrome surface. Combination Squares. Each model features a machine divided, tempered steel rule and precision-ground head with 90º and 45º faces. A hardened scriber and spirit level are included in the 12" and 6" models. All rules are marked with 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, and 1/8 inch graduations. Center & Protractor heads are not included with square (see below). Center Heads locate the center point of round or square stock, or layout 45º angles. Protractor Head. For 12" square only. Locking protractor featuring a spirit level and double graduations reading 0º- 180º. Extended Length Rule. Expand the capacity of your 12" square by changing to a 24" rule. Combination Tool. This versatile builder's tool incorporates seven useful tools in one: rule, square, level, protractor, bevel, pitch-to-foot indicator, and plumb. It's especially convenient for laying out complicated work that would otherwise require lengthy calculations. One side of the turret has a double graduation from 0º to 90º; the reverse side is graduated in 1/2" increments from 0 to 12" per foot pitch. The stock has four levels. Rule length is 24". This is the tool professionals rely on for accuracy. Double Squares are as accurate as engineers squares and as adjustable as combination squares. They're the perfect small-size tools for checking or setting 90º angles. Graduated rules are of hardened steel with precision-machined stocks. 6" size includes a spirit level. Stair Gauge Fixtures. Clamp a pair to a carpenter's framing square and you have the perfect gauge for laying out stair stringers, rafters, hexagons and other challenging cuts. With a full 1-3/4" of bearing surface, these generous-sized fixtures are more dependable and easier to use than smaller types. Nickle plated steel. Supplied in pairs.