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Wheel Marking Gauges

Wheel Marking Gauge
WoodRiver Wheel Marking Gauge
WoodRiver Wheel Marking Gauge - Replacement Blade
Wheel Marking Gauge. This simple, yet effective Wheel Marking Gauge has a single bevel edge wheel that scribes a fine line without tearing the wood fibers and does not wander with the wood’s grain. A precision ground brass shoe glides against the edge of the workpiece, and the knurled brass knob makes adjustments quick and easy. Overall length is 8-1/8", with a working capacity of about 6-3/4".
  • Brass head with 8" steel rod
  • Hardened bevel edge marking wheel
  • Simple and firm adjustment with knurled knob
  • Marks clean visible lines for precision layout
WoodRiver Wheel Marking Gauge. Made in the same factory as our WoodRiver hand planes, you will recognize immediately the craftsmanship and value in this tool. Our gauge has a precision ground brass fence, graded stainless steel shaft and a finely honed blade. The 7" long replaceable blade has a finely turned knurled knob.
  • Clear and precise scribes every time
  • Blade retracts into the fence for easy and safe storage
  • 7" in length
  • Solid brass and stainless steel construction