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Flat Lying Trammel Set

Mpower Flat Lying Trammel
Mpower Tri-Blade
$6.03 $8.99
Use the Flat Lying Trammel Set to make a marking gauge, mortise gauge or panel gauge by adding one or both scribe points to your try-square or combination square. This will transform it into a very accurate and stable marking gauge or mortise gauge. Attach the scribe points to a longer blade try square/combination square to get great depth when marking panels, and achieve the same accuracy and ease that you mark mortises, tennons, rabbets, etc.
  • Attach trammel heads to any rule up to 3/32" thick and 2" wide, with a scribe point at one end and a pencil at the other, for the only flat-lying compass on the market
  • Designed to lie flat on your work piece, making it inherently stable, giving you precision and constant accuracy for arcs and circles
  • The diameter is only limited by length of rule
  • Sold as a pair with 2 scribe points