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Woodturner's Calipers

Sorby Woodturner's Caliper Set, 2 piece
Sorby Calipers, Double-ended
Sorby Calipers, Inside-outside
Sorby Calipers, Small Hollow Vessel
Sorby Calipers, Large Hollow Vessel
These are indispensable for measuring diameters and wall thicknesses of large bowls during turning. The special double end design transfers a measurement from one tip to the other tip, so thicknesses can be figured without removing the caliper from the work in progress. Made of nickel plated steel. Inside-Outside Calipers, 6" from pivot to tips. Double-Ended Calipers, 7" from pivot to tips. Hollow Vessel Calipers. Similar in function to the calipers above, but with a unique shape that allows you to measure wall thickness in hard to reach areas, especially when working on narrow opening vessels. Large is 10" from pivot to point, small is 5".