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WOODCRAFT Woodworker's Pencil

Woodcraft Woodworker's Pencil
Lead for Woodworkers/Artists Pencil 4B 2
Lead for Woodworkers/Artists Pencil HB 2
Art/Woodworker's Pencil Colored Lead, Assorted
This unique pencil will quickly become the first "tool" you pick up when you enter the shop. The extra thick (5.66mm, about 7/32" D x 3-1/8"L) HB round lead resists breaking and is held firmly in place by a four jaw collet at the bottom of the pencil mechanism.
  • Push on the spring loaded top of the pencil and the collet opens so you can advance or retract the lead to the desired length
  • Top, when unscrewed from the pencil, features internal sharpener to renew point
  • Comes with HB (hard) lead