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Starrett Pro Site Protractor

Starrett 12" Pro Site Protractor
Starrett 7" Pro Site Protractor
Starrett ProSite Miter Saw Protractor
Legendary Starrett accuracy takes error prone calculations out of the process of setting up miter cuts. Simply set your saw to the angle that you read on the protractor.
  • This easy to use tool has two scales.
  • The red scale and arrow show the angle for a miter joint, while the black arrows and scale provide the angle to fit a single workpiece to an angle.
  • It couldn't be easier, read the protractor, set your miter saw, cut, perfect fit!
  • Choose either the full sized 12" or compact 7" model (not illustrated), both with machined aluminum legs with an adjustable friction pivot.
  • The 7" model has narrow legs, making it easier to use in compact spaces.