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Teknatool Nova Chucks and Inserts

Teknatool SuperNova2 Chuck
Teknatool 1" - 8 TPI Insert w/set Screw for Nova Chucks
NOVA ITNS Chuck Insert/Adaptor 1" 8 TPI RH & LH Dual Thread
Nova RH Insert, 3/4"x 16 TPI
Nova RH Insert, 1"x 12 TPI
Nova RH Insert, 1-1/4"x 8 TPI
Nova 5/8" Plain Insert
Nova Blank Insert
NOVA IDNS Chuck Insert/Adaptor 1" 8TPI Thread
The newest evolution of the classic Nova Chuck is finally available - the SuperNova2! Its nickel plated body is made from high grade K1045 steel machined to allow closer tolerances. Its patented gearing system delivers incredible gripping power and is over a third faster than the original SuperNova.

  • With SuperNova2 gripping power you'll find yourself turning longer, more delicate stems
  • Large, rough and uneven work that you couldn't handle before can now be turned with greater security
  • The SuperNova2 requires only one hand to operate using a ball nosed Allen key with a large easy grip handle (included)
  • It's quick to tighten and requires much less effort
  • The ball nose allows the handle to operate at an angle while tightening the chuck
  • The SuperNova2 has a fully sealed heavy duty backing plate made from Duracon 25 composite which is reinforced with stranded glass fiber
  • Backing plate design incorporates a 24 division index for future indexing accessories
  • All of the original Nova Chuck accessories, jaws, and inserts are 100% compatible with the SuperNova2!
  • The unique and user friendly features of this chuck prove it was designed by and for woodturners
  • Diameter of chuck is 3-7/8", depth is 3-3/8", weight 5-1/2 lb.
  • Includes 50mm jaw set, T-bar, Allen wrenches, woodworm screw, and manual
  • Requires a threaded body insert to fit your lathe
Note: Nova Inserts are to be used only with Nova Turning Chucks.