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Nova Chuck Accessories

Nova Jaw Set, 25mm
Nova Bowl Jaw Set, 35mm
Nova 50mm Jaw Set
Nova 100mm Jaw Set
Nova 130mm Jumbo Jaws
Nova Step Jaws
Nova 35mm Spigot Jaw Set
Nova 45mm Spigot Jaw Set
Teknatool Supernova Power Grip Jaws
Nova Spur Drive Center
Nova 50mm Face Plate Ring
Nova 100mm Face Plate Ring
Nova 130mm Face Plate Ring
Nova Long Nose Jaw Set
Nova 75mm Bowl Jaw Set
Nova Pen Drilling Jaws
Nova Pin Jaw Set
Nova Mini Jaw Set, 4 piece
NOVA 23067 SuperNOVA 2 Companion Wood Turning Insert Type
NOVA JS20N Mini 20mm Chuck Accessory Jaw Set
NOVA JS70N 70mm (2.75") Chuck Accessory Jaw Set
NOVA 6030 Cole Jaw Buffer Accessory
NOVA SSK Spare Screws for Jaws

Nova jaw sets add even greater versatility to the Nova Midi, SuperNova2, and Nova Titan chucks. Each set is precision machined from a high quality solid steel billet and comes with an easy to read instruction manual. Choose a set to match your project! The 25mm to 130mm Jaw Sets are all similar to "A" in the photo.

25mm Jaw Set substitutes for the standard 50mm jaws for use on small work with 3/8"-1-1/4" spigots, as a type of pin chuck with 1" capacity, for expanding dovetail work on bowls up to 6" diameter or for 1/2"-1" square blanks.

35mm Bowl Jaw Set. These 35mm dovetailed jaws fit perfectly into the current jaw range, picking up a small gap left between the 25mm and 50mm jaw sets. Even though these jaws are small, they are still capable of firmly holding medium-sized bowls with small bases.

50mm Jaw Set. The 50mm jaw set will accommodate a bowl up to 12" in diameter. This is the standard jaw set included with Precision Midi and SuperNova2 chucks.

100mm Jaw Set. Expanding dovetail jaws hold bowls up to 14" diameter, contracting jaws grip spigots and bowl feet up to 3-1/2" diameter or square billets from 2-9/16" to 3-1/8".

130mm Jumbo Jaws for holding large bowls and platters. Primarily designed for work over 16" in diameter up to a maximum of 29-1/2". Jaws will grip spigots from 4.2" to 5" and expand into dovetailed recesses from 4.88" to 5.86". Fits SuperNova2 and Titan chucks only.

Step Jaws have three different dovetailed steps for optimum gripping of bowl feet from 1-5/8" to 3-1/4" diameter. Outside expanding dovetail fits a recess 3" to 4" dia. for bowls and platters up to 12".

Spigot Jaw Sets are heavy section jaws with a powerful grip for spigot (tenon) turning. With 30mm (1-1/8") depth and a special serrated tooth form, these jaws really hang on to your work piece. For work where a long overhang is needed or hollowing into endgrain, these jaws provide superior gripping power.

SuperNova PowerGrip Jaws. For SuperNova, SuperNova2 and Titan Chucks.

Nova Chuck Spur Drive Center. This four spur center was designed to be secured in the chuck by the standard 50 mm jaws.

Face Plate Rings - when you want an extra solid grip on your work. Designed to secure onto the external dovetails of the accessory jaws, Faceplate Rings come in three sizes for use on the following popular accessory jaws: 50mm, 100mm, and 130mm.

Long Nose Jaw Set. With an internal dovetail and threaded serrations, this new jaw has a superior grip in the spigot mode - ideal for holding larger and longer tenons. The extra long nose is invaluable when working near the bottom of a bowl, allowing extra distance between chuck and workpiece. Fits all Nova Chucks.

75mm Bowl Jaw Set fits Precision Midi, SuperNova² and Nova Titan as well as the old Nova and SuperNova Chucks. The 75mm jaw sets are designed for an expanded dovetail grip, reverse dovetail grip for gripping footed bowls, limited spigot facility and provision to mount false wooden jaws, so customized jaws can be made for special purposes.

Nova Pin Jaws operate like a pin chuck but without the hassles! An extended 25mm (1") length cylindrical jaw expands into a 25mm (1") or larger hole and grips the workpiece like a traditional pin chuck. Jaws can also be used as compression mode spigot jaws.