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Hunter Carbide Hollowing Tools

Hunter #3 Carbide Hollowing Tool
Hunter #3 & #5 Tool Replacement Carbide Cutter
Hunter #3 Hercules General Purpose Tool
Hunter #4 Hunter Carbide Hollowing Tool
Hunter #4 Hunter Tool Replacement Cabide Cutter
Hunter #6 Carbide Hollowing Tool
Hunter #6 Carbide Replacement Cutter
Hunter #1 Cup Hook Hollowing Tool for Woodturners
$94.91 $104.99
Tired of tough bowl blanks that quickly dull your edges? Have you hesitated to start on a burl because you know what the dirt in it will do to your tools? The Hunter Hollowing Tools, with their unique carbide cutters, are the solution to your problems. They will cut just about everything that you throw at them.
  • Easy to control and smooth cutting
  • Great for beginners and welcome additions for advanced turners
  • When tip dulls, just loosen and rotate slightly to a new razor sharp section
  • The tip is easy to replace when it eventually wears out
  • No grinding or lapping of the cutter is needed
  • High quality carbide tip provides an edge life 25-30 times longer than similar tools
  • Aluminum oxide finish on the tool holders prevents rust
  • Strong metal shanks minimize vibration and chatter
  • Tip wrench and instructions included
  • Available in 3 sizes to fit all your needs
#3 Hunter Tool is ideal for turning pens, lidded boxes, goblets, and other small diameter work. Removes wood quickly, efficiently, and cleanly prior to sanding operations. 3/8" diameter cutter is mounted on a 4-3/4" long, 3/8" diameter shank; 19-3/4" overall tool length. # 4 Hunter Tool is the first choice for turning medium sized bowls. Removes wood very quickly and will produce outstanding finishes prior to sanding. 1/2" diameter cutter is mounted on a 6-1/2" long, 1/2" diameter shank; 24" overall tool length. Use the same tool for rough turning and finishing turning. #6 Hunter Tool was designed to meet your most demanding turning. This heavy duty tool will amaze you with its ability to take heavy yet smooth cuts. The huge 3/4" diameter tool shank provides vibration and chatter free cuts with the 1/2" diameter cutter. 8-1/2" tool shank; 26" overall tool length. Woodcraft Exclusive. Hunter #1 Cup Hook Hollowing Tool If you turn small hollow forms or want to, this is the tool you've been waiting for! The new Hunter #1 Cup Hook Hollowing Tool features a 1/4″ shank and is designed to reach into the small openings of hollow forms like Christmas tree ornaments to help you thin out those areas which are just about impossible to reach with existing tools. Like all Hunter turning tools, the #1 features a specially formulated, round carbide cutter that is both smooth cutting and easy to control making it perfect for turners at any level. The performance advantage of this tool (and all of Mike's tools) is in the carbide cutter. Super tough and hard, Mike's cutters will last up to 30 times longer than high speed steel and according to Mike, "will cut just about anything!" and they're easily replaced when they eventually get dull.