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SORBY Multi-Tip Shear Scrapers

Sorby Full Size Multi Tip Shear Scraper
Sorby Midi Multi-Tip Hollow Tool
Sorby Round Replacement Hollowing Cutter
Sorby Large HSS Replacement Cutter RS200KT
Multi-Tip Scrapers come complete with three replaceable cutters; two for hollowing, one for scraping. Of the two hollowing cutters, the one with the rounded end is designed for general roughing out and will create a flowing curve in the bottom of a vessel. The more pointed cutter is for fast material removal and also produces a crisp corner in a box. The scraping tip produces a slicing cut which gives a better finish and eliminates any tendency for the scraper to "dig in".
  • The unique semicircular shank allows the cutter to be used at a 45ยบ angle.
  • The full sized tool is 19" overall with a 3/4" diameter 12" shank.
  • The mid sized version is 18" overall with a 1/2" diameter 8" shank.
  • Replacement tips fit both full and mid-sized tools.