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SORBY Box and Bowl Scrapers

Sorby Scraper, Curved
Sorby Scraper, Box
Sorby Scraper, Bowl Finishing Inboard
Sorby Scraper, Bowl Finishing Outboard
These new shapes are the perfect width for smaller bowls and boxes, yet still thick enough to handle serious turning without chatter. Both are 3/4" wide, 16" long, with 10" ash handles. Curved Scraper. A curved end profile makes this tool excellent for creating, smoothing, or blending curved surfaces on bowls, spindles or round bottom box work. Heavy enough for aggressive shaping, yet small enough for sensitive refining cuts. Box Scraper. The special cutting profile of this new scraper makes it ideal for cutting the parallel side walls of end grain boxes. The small radiused point at the bottom corner of the scraper creates a smooth transition from a side wall to a flat bottom. Heavy Duty Bowl Scrapers. First introduced by master craftsman Richard Raffan, these shapes have been found to be most efficient in producing the final surfaces on bowls. The curved tips with elongated side edges can clean-up rough, irregular cuts left by gouges, and cut a more pleasing curved shape too. Available in curved left and curved right styles. Blades are 7" long x 1-1/2" wide x 3/8" thick with 14" ash handles.