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COLT MaxiCut Forstner Bit System

MaxiCut Forstner Bit 11/16"
$17.14 $29.99
MaxiCut Forstner Bit 13/16"
$18.15 $30.99
MaxiCut Forstner Bit 1-1/16"
MaxiCut Forstner Bit 1-1/8"
$21.18 $34.19
MaxiCut Forstner Bit 1-3/16"
$19.16 $34.69
MaxiCut Forstner Bit 1-5/8"
MaxiCut Forstner Bit 1-7/8"
$24.21 $43.09
MaxiCut Forstner Bit 2-1/8"
$29.26 $47.29
MaxiCut Forstner Bit Morse Taper Adapter #1MT
$26.23 $40.99
MaxiCut Forstner Bit Morse Taper Adapter #3MT
$31.28 $50.39
COLT MaxiCut is a totally new cutting head design that combines the advantages of a forstner bit with those of a boring bit while the high performance RotaStop shank provides optimum torque.
  • Sectioned cutting rim produces less heat for considerably longer tool life.
  • Saw tooth effect of both cutting cam pairs on the circular cutting edge offers a noticeably easier and faster boring tool.
  • Chip breaking grooves on the internal cutting edges of 3/4″ and larger bits guarantees smoother drilling and easier swarf removal.
  • Suitable for half, inclined, overlapping and deep bore holes.
  • Polygonal shape of the RotaStop shank ensures optimum transmission of torque and practically chucks itself automatically by means of rising contours.
  • No slipping in the chuck and precise results when machining the hardest of materials.
  • Combining Morse-Taper adapters and extensions allows easy tool changing within seconds and longer service life for the bits.