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Kel McNaughton System

Kelton Standard Mcnaughton System
Kelton Large Mcnaughton System
Kelton Complete Mcnaughton System
Have you ever looked at the pile of wood shavings on the floor after turning a bowl from an expensive, highly figured burl and wished you could pick that wasted money up and turn it into another valuable turning? If you have, then the McNaughton System is the answer you've been looking for.

This tool won't put the shavings back together again, it just avoids creating them in the first place! Using the McNaughton System you're able to make several bowls from one blank (green or dry) by actually removing bowl blanks from the center of the main blank with each bowl you turn. Not only do you save money, but you also save time since the resulting blank is already roughed out into a bowl shape.

The Standard System contains three curved D2 HSS blades for cutting bowls with diameters from 4" to 14", one straight blade for basic coring, a handle, and special 1" diameter tool post. This tool post is specially designed to not only guide the curved tools through the blank, but it also holds the tool in the proper upright position and protects against dangerous catches.

The Large System contains three larger, thicker blades for releasing bowl centers up to 18" in diameter, a handle, and special tool post. Besides turning wider bowls, the Large System is also capable of turning out deeper blanks.

The Complete System contains 7 blades, handle, extension handle, and one special tool post. If you turn expensive or rare woods, the savings you'll gain in both material and rough-out time from only a few "nests" of bowl blanks make this a must have tool.