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WOODCRAFT Lathe Tool Rest System

Tool Rest, Straight, 4"
Tool Rest, Straight, 6"
Tool Rest, Straight, 12"
Bowl Rest, Small
Bowl Rest, Large
S" Bowl Rest
S" Bowl Rest
Post, 5/8" Diameter, 3.5" Long
Post, 3/4" Diameter, 3.5" Long
Post, 7/8" Diameter, 3.5" Long
Post, 1" Diameter, 3.5" Long
Post, 1" Diameter, 5" Long
Tired of using a tool rest that's too short, too soft and designed by an engineer that has no idea what it's like to even use a lathe? If you'd like to spend more time turning instead of tuning, the Woodcraft Lathe Tool Rest System is for you.
  • Our straight "L" shaped rest improves tool control by allowing interference-free hand movement over the full length of the rest.
  • The top of the rest features a hardened 1/4" steel rod, which will remain nick free, even after hours of use.
  • The solid steel bowl rests provide a stable curve for turning and a flat top for vibration free scraping.
  • Use the small bowl rest for bowls up to 7" in diameter and the large for up to approximately 14".
  • The "S" bowl rest is 14" long with a 5" D bend on one end and an 8" D bend on the other.
  • Woodcraft tool rests are modular in design, to save you money (buy 2 rests and 1 post), and permit you to use your rests on more than one lathe.
  • Select the proper diameter post for your lathe and a tool rest in a length or shape to meet your needs. Note: Tool rest lengths include threads.
  • Posts screw into rests and can easily be removed and attached to a different accessory.