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HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System

HiPURformer Adhesive Applicator
HiPURformer WW30 Glue Cartridge
HiPURformer WW60 Glue Cartridge
HiPURformer MP75 Glue Cartridge
Are you tired of the foaming mess associated with conventional polyurethane glues? Have you ever wanted the performance of those high-dollar factory reactive hot melt systems?

The HiPURformer™ Advanced Bonding System combines the highest quality polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives with the most effective, cost-efficient application system. For many applications, the system can eliminate the use of nails or staples, reducing time and money in filling, sanding and staining repair marks. Features include:
  • Cordless gun with 20 minutes of use outside the charger
  • Four adhesives that are waterproof and provide strong, permanent bonds
  • Reduce the need for clamping or bracing
Glues are 50-gram cartridges (equivalent to 71 linear feet of 1/16" bead). Each cartridge contains an internal check valve to control leaking and allow for multiple session uses of the same cartridge.
  • Solvent free
  • Nonflammable
    The WW30 and WW60 glues are specifically designed for woodworking
  • WW30 has a 30 second set time
  • WW60 has a 60 second time
  • WW60 also fills gaps and irregularities to provide a stronger bond with "unfitted" materials
    The MP75 and MP300 glues are multi-purpose formulas designed to bond most common materials, including wood, melamine, ceramics, metal, most plastics, marble, glass, brick and more.
  • MP75 has a 75 second set time
  • MP300 has a 5 minute set time
    Complete HiPURformer Kit includes:
  • One cartridge of WW30
  • One cartridge of WW60
  • One cartridge of MP75
  • Adhesive applicator
  • Adhesive applicator base (charger)
  • Detachable power cord
  • Instruction manual and product brochure
  • A durable, weatherproof carrying case