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System Three T-88 Epoxy

System Three T88 Epoxy, 1/2 Pint
$16.14 $18.99
Mixing Tips for Epoxy Syringe Applicators
$6.79 $7.99
System Three Goof Proof T-88 Epoxy 1.6oz Cartridge #1100K90
$11.04 $12.99
System Three Goof Proof Quick Cure 5  Epoxy 1.6oz Cartridge #1000K90
$11.04 $12.99
 System Three Goof Proof Epoxy Gun #3600S90
$28.04 $32.99
This high performance, gap filling, two part structural epoxy from System Three is one of the strongest adhesives available to woodworkers. Forms a tough, permanent, non-brittle bond to most clean surfaces. Cures overnight in any thickness without shrinking and dries to a clear amber, which is virtually invisible when varnished. Perfect for signs, watercraft and outdoor furniture. Mixing tips for Epoxy Syringe Applicators. These tips attach to the 1.6 oz. syringe opening and completely mix the resin and hardener as they pass through. They allow you to apply mixed epoxy directly where you need it from the syringe! Pack of 6 disposable mixing tips.