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SculpWood Epoxy Putty and Paste

System Three SculpWood Paste 4oz
System Three Sculpwood Paste, 1 Qt. Kit
System Three Sculpwood Paste, 2 Qt. Kit
System Three Sculpwood Paste, 2 Gal. Kit
System Three SculpWood Putty 8oz
System Three SculpWood Putty, 1 Qt.
System Three SculpWood Putty, 2 Gal. Kit
Moldable, carvable, sandable epoxy putty for replacement of damaged wood. Works great for repairing carvings and setting eyes. Ideal for replacing missing sections of windowsills, frames and furniture. Forms a strong, permanent bond to most rigid surfaces. Can be sawed, nailed or screwed, carved, machined, sanded, stained or painted. Porous, rotted or deteriorated wood should first be treated with RotFix. For interior or exterior use.