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Satellite City Instant Glues

Satellite City Special T Instant CA Glue, Thick, 2 Ounces
Satellite City Super T Instant CA Glue, Med, 2 Ounces
Satellite City Hot Stuff Instant CA Glue, Thin, 2 Ounces
Satellite City Super Solvent, 2-oz
Satellite City Aerosol Accelerator 6-oz
Replacement Adhesive N-ozzle and Caps, 2 piece
NCF Accelerator Replacement Spray Pumps, 2 piece
Satellite City Hot Stuff Pro Tips, 12 piece
Are fast becoming a staple item for woodworkers because they're so versatile and a tremendous time saver. Our industrial cyanoacrylate adhesives are available in a variety of formulas to handle all your bonding needs for wood, metal, leather, rubber, glass, ceramics, and most plastics. Special "T" Adhesive is very thick, like mixed epoxy. It has gap filling abilities with a slow cure for difficult alignment jobs. Like Super "T", it is great for "fixing" cracked blanks for turning. Cure time 30-50 seconds, 2 ounce, non-toxic. Super "T" Adhesive has the consistency of syrup and will fill small gaps between parts. It is the perfect adhesive for repairing jagged wood breaks or bonding two pieces not perfectly matched together. Bonding time 10-25 seconds. 2 ounces, non-toxic. Hot Stuff Adhesive is water-thin and is used for bonding parts that fit together well. It has the ability to penetrate wood fibers and the tightest crack in an object. Carvers often use this product to "soak" thin stock so it will harden for break-resistant shaping. Bonding time 3-5 seconds. 2 ounces, non-toxic. Super-Solvent will remove instant glues from hands, clothes, surfaces etc. Not to be used as a thinning agent. 2 oz. Aerosol Accelerator is easier to use than a pump, holds almost 4 times as much liquid and doesn't evaporate. 6 fluid ounces, non-flammable, does not contain CFC's and can be stored anywhere. Hot Stuff Pro Tips. Precision control extension applicators attach to existing tip for pin point placement of CA glue.