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System Three 5 Minute Epoxy

System Three 5 Minute Epoxy, Pint
System Three 5 Minute Epoxy, 1/2 Pint
Mixing Tips for Epoxy Syringe Applicators
Epoxies are the only adhesive to use when strong, fast bonds are required on wood, most metals, fiberglass, ceramics, concrete, glass, leather and many plastics.
  • Whether you are making a structural repair to furniture, creating craft items where durability is important, or turning wooden pens that require lifetime integrity, this two part (mix equal portions of resin and hardener) is the answer.
  • Quick and easy, but one of strongest glues available.
Mixing tips for Epoxy Syringe Applicators. These tips attach to the 1.6 oz. syringe opening and completely mix the resin and hardener as they pass through. They allow you to apply mixed epoxy directly where you need it from the syringe! Pack of 6 disposable mixing tips.