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System Three Epoxy

System Three Epoxy Resin, Quart
System Three Epoxy Resin, Gallon
System Three Hardener #1, Pint
System Three Hardener #1, Quart
System Three Hardener #2, Pint
System Three Hardener #2, Quart
System Three Hardener #3, Pint
System Three Wood Flour, Quart.
System Three Silica Thickener, 5 Quart
System Three Silica Thickener, Quart
System Three Epoxy Plunger Pump Set
Mixing Sticks, 25 piece
Mixing Cups, Graduated, 14 -oz, 10 piece
The Best Epoxy On The Market Today! Its adaptability to conditions where other epoxies fail, combined with a complete line of additives, allows you to adapt System Three to any application. This general purpose epoxy system gained wide acceptance in the wooden boat building and repair industry, where lives depend on the quality of the adhesives used.
  • In addition to wooden boat building, System Three is consistently used for applications like the repair of cracked concrete oil well linings in Alaska, lobster tank linings, pianos, guitars, and outside wooden signs and furniture.
  • Because of the strength of the bond, this system is especially useful for laminated applications like sled runners, structural beams, strip canoes, surf/snow boards or waterproofing and fiber glassing.
  • Resin and hardener are mixed in an easy 2:1 volume mixing ratio and may be mixed with fillers for better flow control and gap filling applications.
  • Included with each epoxy system is a FREE copy of System Three's "The Epoxy Book" which covers use and application.
Epoxy Resin is the base for all epoxy coating and gluing applications. 2 parts resin must be mixed with 1 part hardener. Hardeners. System Three derives its name from the three different hardeners available. The hardeners may be mixed with each other to "fine tune" the pot life and working time to suit your particular application. Hardener #1 for use down to 35º F even under damp conditions. Pot life at 77º F is 15 min. Hardener #2 General purpose hardener for 60ºF to 85ºF, in damp or dry conditions. Pot life at 77º F is 30 min. Hardener #3 for applications in high temperatures, which require increased open assembly time. This hardener's best use is as a mix with Hardener #1 or #2 to slow cure time (increase pot life/working time). Plunger Pump Set screws onto epoxy containers and delivers 1 oz. per stroke for resin and a 1/2 oz. for hardener. Easy dispensing and accurate mixing! Pump fits gallon, quart, and pint containers. Fillers and Additives. The low viscosity of epoxy makes it a poor gap filler. Additives are necessary to thicken the epoxy and change its flow characteristics. Silica Thickener is a extremely fine powder used to create a very smooth, non-sagging, high strength mixture. Wood Flour, a very fine, filtered, wood by product is an excellent all around filler for creating glues and structural fillers. Wood Flour forms a coarser "epoxy" than silica thickener. Phenolic Microballoons are hollow, purple-brown phenolic spheres that are a great low cost, low density filler (ideal for areas requiring sanding). Wood Flour and/or Silica Thickener may be blended with Phenolic Microballoons to prevent sagging.