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Workbench Accessories For SJÖBERGS Elite Series Workbenches

Steel Bench Dogs 1" (4)
SJÖBERGS Aluminum Bench Dogs 1" - 4 Pack
Elite 1" Holdfast
Steel Anvil for Elite
Workbench Accessories for the SJÖBERG Elite Workbench Series 2500/2000. Bench Dogs. Like clamps, you can never have enough. We stock both steel and aluminum dogs. The aluminum dogs are very forgiving if you accidently hit them with an edge tool. Elite 1" Holdfast is an extra heavy duty holdfast that fits in any dog hole or leg hole on the Elite series benches. Great for holding large panels. Steel Anvil A Steel Anvil (two L-shaped vise liners) is also available to protect your vise when clamping small metal parts. Jaw Protectors line the inside surfaces of your vise, improve gripping strength and protect the wooden faces. Extra Vise Assembly. Increase the capacity and flexibility of your Elite Series Bench by adding another vise. Fits any of the six vise positions located around the bench.