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Traditional Bench Holdfasts

Large Holdfast
Small Holdfast
Large Bench Holdfast. The long reach and large holding pad of this holdfast allow you to quickly clamp or release everything from small boards to large carving blocks. This method of clamping is perfect for projects that need frequent reorientation while planning, carving or working.
  • Simply position the clamp in a 15/16" hole and give it a hard, solid hit with a mallet.
  • To release, just hit the back side of the clamp.
  • Heavy duty ductile iron head featuring a 7-1/2" throat, 7/8" round steel shank with an overall length of 16-1/4".
Small Bench Holdfast. Similar to above but made from solid ductile iron with a 3-1/2" throat, an overall length of 8-1/4" and a 5/8" round shank.