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WoodRiver Economy Bench Vise Hardware

WoodRiver Small End Vise Slide
WoodRiver Small Front Vise
Small Wooden Vise Handle 7/8" Diameter x 11-1/2" Length
WoodRiver Large End Vise Slide
$59.99 $79.99
WoodRiver Large Front Vise
$74.99 $99.99
Large Wooden Vise Handle 1" Diameter x 13-1/2" Length

Improve your current bench by adding a front vise or use this economical hardware to build a new bench from scratch. We've tested and compared these Chinese imports to our German-made hardware and, other than the price, we find very little difference between them. We're sure you'll find that the rugged castings and precision parts make these economically priced workbench vises a fantastic value. Handle not included.


Small End Vise Slide with 1" diameter x 14" length screw and 4" width x 15" length vise.


Small Front Vise with 1" diameter x 10" length screw, 3/4" diameter guide rods and 9" width x 13" length vise.


Large End Vise Slide with 1-1/4" diameter x 17-1/2" Length screw and 4" width x 19-5/8" length vise.


Large Front Vise with 13/16" diameter x 151/2" length screw, 3/4" diameter guide rods and 10-1/4" width x 19-1/4" length vise.


Small Handle fits Small End Vise and Small Front Vise.


Large Handle fits Large End Vise Slide and Large Front Vise.