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Pinnacle Workbenches

Based upon a Carlyle Lynch design, this modern classic is a testament to Woodcraft’s ongoing effort to offer our customers the finest selection of wood working tools. Mr. Lynch designed this bench decades ago while living in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia; he was a physics and industrial arts teacher but in his free time he focused on studying classical colonial furniture pieces. Being a first rate craftsman and a skilled draftsman, he would travel to numerous museums in the south requesting access to study and create dimensional drawings of their 18th and 19th century furniture collections. These drawings would then provide a basis so that future woodworkers would be inspired, to replicate and to improve on their own skills. The particular plan was bought by Woodcraft and sold for many, many years until recently when we were inspired to have the bench built and offer it to our customers. We think Carlyle would approve.

Our Pinnacle bench is made by skilled craftsman right here in the USA, constructed from 100% North American Beech. Both front and rear vises are heavy cast aluminum with steel inserts to ensure smooth operation. Starting with a wide stable base connected by two runners to provide support to a thick laminated Beech top. Features include a front vise, tail vise, tool tray and numerous bench dog fixtures holes, which leaves the owner with many choices of applications.

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