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Sjobergs Elite Duo 1500 Workbench

Sjobergs Duo Bench Cabinet Combo
Sjobergs Duo Workbench
Sjobergs Storage Cabinet For Duo Bench
SJÖBERGS Woodworking Workbenches: The New Generation SJÖBERGS has started a revolution in workbench design! SJÖBERGS of Sweden has been manufacturing top quality workbenches for over 80 years. They have recently redesigned their entire product line in order to meet the needs of the modern day woodworker and to take advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques. The range of new features is truly amazing and cannot be matched by any other manufacturer.
  • SJÖBERGS has two bench series, the Elite program, which is the top quality series, and the Nordic Plus program, which is more economical.
  • Both series offer a complete range of sizes to meet your exact needs and come with a ten year warranty.
  • All the SJÖBERGS models are reversible, making them 100% suitable for both right and left handed woodworkers.
"Amazingly versatile" is the best description for the new DUO workbench from SJÖBERGS. With four interchangeable vise locations, and a double row of bench dog holes, the DUO offers endless clamping options. It is also completely adaptable to either right or left handed woodworkers! The sturdy top and trestle are both crafted in oiled European beech. With a working height of 34", the top has a work surface of 53" x 21". Front and tail vises both have a capacity of 4-1/2". Maximum clamping length, vise to furthest dog hole, is 54-1/2", and maximum clamping width is 19-1/2". The top has a thickness at the edge of 2-3/4" and thickness in the center of 1". Included with the DUO are eight unbreakable bench dogs, one pair of jaw protectors for clamping small work pieces in the vises and two holdfasts for clamping onto either the front or top of the bench. This bench is available with or without a storage cabinet. Bench weight is 89 lb., shipping weight is 100 lb. Duo 1500 Storage Cabinet. This very practical storage unit is designed to fit perfectly below the SJÖBERGS Elite Duo 1500 benches. Treated with a premium quality enriching oil, the front panels are made of European beech. Cabinet is comprised of one 3-drawer section and a wide, 2-door cupboard. Box is 40-3/4" long x 18-1/2" deep x 16-1/8" high. Assembly required. Duo 1500 Bench With Cabinet. Weight for the combo is 143 lbs., shipping weight is 154 lbs. Because of their heavy weight and large size, our regular shipping and handling rate plus $55.00 for excess weight will apply. The fee will be applied when you receive your email confirmation. Bench and cabinets shipped separately via FedEx. .