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Laminated Bench Tops

24" x 60" Laminated Maple Bench Top, 70 Lbs.
30" x 60" Laminated Maple Bench Top, 88 Lbs.
24" x 84" Laminated Maple Bench Top, 98 Lbs.
Birch Workbench Top 1-1/2" x 27" x 60"
Build your own workbench with one of these 1-3/4" thick, rugged slabs of maple laminated into a single, warp-resistant, self-supporting panel. Create the perfect work surface!

  • Accurately machined and sanded satin smooth, it's ready to be secured to a base of your design.
  • Just attach vises and bore dog holes to create the right workbench for your shop needs.
  • But don't stop there, these tops are also perfect for kitchen work surfaces, coffee tables and bars.
  • Ultraviolet cured acrylic finish is resistant to water, alcohol and solvent detergents.