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Pinnacle Socket Firmer Chisels

Pinnacle Socket Firmer Chisel, 3/4"
Pinnacle Socket Firmer Chisel, 1"
Pinnacle Socket Firmer Chisel, 1-1/2"
Pinnacle Socket Firmer Chisel, 2"
Pinnacle Socket Firmer Chisels, Set of 4
3/4"-1" Replacement  Handle
1-1/2"-2" Replacement  Handle
Pinnacle® heavy-duty socket firmer chisels have thicker and longer sockets for added strength and durability. They’re forged from a solid piece of high carbon tool steel which is then carefully tempered and hardened for toughness and edge retention. These are the best chisels available for timber framing, log cabin building and other demanding cutting jobs. Blade lengths are 7" to 8" with overall lengths 15" to 17". Chisels have ash handles fitted with a steel ferrule. Honing required before use. 
  • 4 sizes available 
  • Tempered and hardened for demanding use 
  • Made in Sheffield, England