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Robert Sorby Sheaf River Chisels

Sorby Sheaf River Series 530 Bench Chisels, 5-Piece Set
Sorby Sheaf River Series 570 Butt Chisels, 4-Piece Set
Robert Sorby Sheaf River Chisels represent the culmination of almost 200 years of tool making in the legendary city of Sheffield, England. Named for the Sheaf River, on the banks of which the Sorby factory is located, these chisels combine the elasticity and hard wearing properties of sustainably sourced American ash handles with the finest Sheffield Steel and hand craftsmanship. 

Sheaf River Bench Chisels feature a new tapered bolster/ferrule design with comfortable handles crafted from hard wearing American ash and blades made from drop stamped, high carbon steel that are capable of being sharpened to half a micron – four times sharper than a disposable razor. Each chisel comes with a 25° main bevel and a 30° honing bevel, making it ideal for use in hardwoods, and each tool is hardness tested before it leaves the factory. Robert Sorby is so confident in the craftsmanship and quality of these tools that Sheaf River Chisels come with a lifetime guarantee – without any fine print. 
  • High carbon steel blades 
  • Sustainable source American ash handles 
  • Lifetime guarantee