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Shinto Saw Rasps

9" Shinto Saw Rasp
Shinto Saw Rasp 11"
Shinto Planer Saw Rasp 10"
Shinto Planer Saw Rasp Replacement Blade
Shinto Saw Rasps are flat rasps made from 10 hardened teeth saw blades held together by rivets, featuring both coarse and fine sides, with the teeth oriented to cut on the push stroke. The teeth are designed to help prevent clogging and can also be easily cleaned should the need arise. While the tool seems a bit odd to one more accustomed to using a traditional rasp, these saw rasps work so well they are quickly becoming favorites. 

  • Suitable for any shaping task. 
  • Hardened steel teeth
  • Teeth designed to prevent clogging
  • Double-sided: coarse and fine