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Professional Sand-O-Flex Contour Sander

Merit Professional Sand-o-flex Contour Sander
$44.79 $55.99
Merit Sander Paper Refill, Aluminum Oxide, Coarse, 80 Grit
$13.00 $16.25
Norton Sander Paper Refill, Aluminum Oxide, Medium, 100 Grit
$14.80 $18.50
Merit Sander Paper Refill, Aluminum Oxide, Fine, 120 Grit
$14.39 $17.99
Norton Sander Brushes, Extra Set of 8
$15.99 $19.99
This Professional Sand-O-Flex Contour Sander virtually eliminates difficult hand sanding of irregular surfaces. The 4" diameter hi-impact plastic wheel has eight adjustable lengths of abrasive paper inside its body. As the wheel revolves, the rotational momentum forces the abrasive cloth flaps into irregular or curved contours.
  • Flexible bristles located behind the sanding flaps offer support to the abrasives and follow them into the contoured surfaces.
  • Sander has 1/4" diameter shaft for use with any drill or a bench motor with chuck adapter which operates below 2500 RPMs.
  • Includes one 1" wide scored aluminum oxide abrasive roll 80 grit.