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Professional Sand-O-Flex Contour Sander

Merit Professional Sand-o-flex Contour Sander
Merit Sander Paper Refill, Aluminum Oxide, Coarse, 80 Grit
Norton Sander Paper Refill, Aluminum Oxide, Medium, 100 Grit
Merit Sander Paper Refill, Aluminum Oxide, Fine, 120 Grit
Norton Sander Brushes, Extra Set of 8
This Professional Sand-O-Flex Contour Sander virtually eliminates difficult hand sanding of irregular surfaces. The 4" diameter hi-impact plastic wheel has eight adjustable lengths of abrasive paper inside its body. As the wheel revolves, the rotational momentum forces the abrasive cloth flaps into irregular or curved contours.
  • Flexible bristles located behind the sanding flaps offer support to the abrasives and follow them into the contoured surfaces.
  • Sander has 1/4" diameter shaft for use with any drill or a bench motor with chuck adapter which operates below 2500 RPMs.
  • Includes one 1" wide scored aluminum oxide abrasive roll 80 grit.