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Pinnacle Arkansas Sharpening Stones

Pinnacle 8" x 2" x 3/4" Hard Black/soft White Arkansas Combo Stone
Pinnacle Arkansas Stone, 4 piece
Pinnacle 4" x 1-5/8"  Hard Black/Soft White Arkansas Combo Pocket Stone
True Arkansas Novaculite has been mined for over three thousand years. First used for cutting tools; spear, dart and arrow points, it was later discovered and renowned for its' ability to both cut and polish steel. There is no finer natural stone or a better value in sharpening today. These stones are best used with either oil or water as a lubricant to help float away metal particles. However, you cannot use water once oil has been introduced and used on the stone as it will no longer absorb water. Pinnacle® Arkansas Combo Stones One of the best values in sharpening, combos are created by bonding two thin stones of different grits or properties together to create one stone. For our stone, we chose a soft white (general sharpening) stone and a hard black (polishing) stone to make the perfect combo for handling all you sharpening needs. Two sizes available. Both come in a box with a hinged top. Pinnacle® Hard White Arkansas File Set 3 files (triangle, round and square) and a knife edge slip. Perfect for detail polishing, removing burrs, or dressing the insides of small tools. All files are approximately 3-3/4" long. Knife edged slip is approximately 3-3/4" x 1/4" - 1/8". All neatly packaged in a wood storage box with a hinged top.