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Buffing Wheels and Compounds

Buffing Wheel 8" x 1"
Buffing Wheel 6" x 1"
Put a razor sharp edge on your cutting tools and polish metals around the shop or home, too! Wheels mounted on a polishing head, arbor, or hand drill are dressed with one of our buffing compounds to turn them into very effective rotating strops and polishers. We highly recommend these systems for quick honing of edge tools. Buffing Wheels of sewn muslin are 80 ply and maintain a wide working surface for polishing bevels and curved surfaces of carving tools, knives, turning tools or buffing brass hardware and household metal ware. Each has a 5/8" hole. Felt Buffing Wheels provide a superior honing medium for tools requiring a more rigid surface than muslin wheels which can "round over" cutting edges. The soft wheel provides just enough "give" for curved edges such as carving gouges, while the medium and hard are perfect for straight-edged tools like chisels, plane blades, and knives. 6-1/8" x 3/4" with 5/8" arbor hole. Bushing reduces 5/8" arbor hole to 1/2". Portable 4" Buffing Wheels. Just mount the 4" wheel of your choice on the special arbor and you can turn your electric hand drill into a sharpening and polishing machine. Arbor fits drill presses and motor chucks, too. All wheels 1/2" wide sewn muslin with 1/2" arbor holes. 1/2" Arbor Adapter. This double-flanged arbor accepts all the above 4" wheels. Its 1/4" shaft chucks into all portable drills. Buffing Compounds. Simply hold against a rotating muslin, felt, or leather wheel to apply. Compounds work great on flat barber's-type bench strops too. Bars measure about 9" x 2" x 2", tubes measure 5" x 1" diameter. Emery Compound: for quick cutting, sharpening, and coloring tool steel, iron, and hard metals. This is the workhorse for removing fine scratches left by whetting or grinding. Tripoli: a medium cut and coloring compound for preliminary buffing a mirror finish on all tools and decorative metal work. Jeweler's Rouge: a premium buffing compound for the final polishing of steel, brass, copper, pewter, gold, and aluminum. This fine compound is the one to use for producing a brilliant high reflective finish. Compound Sets includes one emery, tripoli and jeweler's rouge stick listed above. Rake. After a number of applications of abrasive compound to a buffing wheel, the cloth plies bind together and become glazed. The rake's teeth strip the compound away and expose a fresh working surface.