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Leather Powerstrops

Leather Powerstrop, Vee Wheel
Leather Powerstrop, Flat Wheel
Leather Powerstrop, Vee & Flat, Set of 2
Put a razor-sharp honed edge on all your carving or bench tools! For use with your power drill or chucked motors and polishing heads.
  • These laminated leather wheels act as rotating strops for fast honing action
  • Treated leather stays firm under pressure and holds abrasive compounds longer for more efficient use
  • Each includes a stick of jeweler's rouge and 1/4" threaded arbor
  • Not to exceed 600 RPM
Vee Powerstrop makes honing veiners, V-parting tools, and small radius gouges an easy task. 3-1/2" diameter x 3/8" thick. Flat Wheel Powerstrop is a real workhorse for sharpening knives, chisels, or gouges. 3-1/2" diameter x 3/4" thick.