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Pinnacle Honing Guide

Pinnacle Honing Plate 14"
$16.99 $26.99
Pinnacle Honing Guide Rails 20"
$8.89 $15.99
Never struggle again trying to get that razor sharp edge on your chisels or plane irons! Not only will you be able to get perfect results the first time, but you'll be able to repeat those results over and over again. No matter what your sharpening preferences (stones, abrasive films, wet/dry sandpaper or even diamond paste), the Pinnacle® Honing Guide will give you the sharpest edge on your chisels and plane irons.
  • No excessive grinding, over-sharpening or starting over. It is impossible to sharpen past your set angle.
  • Sharpen and hone less because the results you want are exactly what you get.
  • The sled provides a stable platform, virtually eliminating any side to side roll and preventing sharpening past the preset blade angle.
  • Prolonged tool life (due to the benefits above).
  • The Pinnacle® Guide comes complete with sled, rails, and instructions.
  • The sled rides on the rails while holding your tool at the correct angle and depth.
  • It has 6 primary bevel positions, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 degrees,
  • Also has 6 corresponding micro bevel positions, 17 degrees through 42 degrees.
  • The sled may be used alone on any smooth flat surface such as a granite surface plate or plate glass, or with the rails and most stones up to 3" x 11 1/2".
The kit includes:
  • The Honing Guide
  • Honing Plate
  • Honing Film assortment pack
Pinnacle® Honing Plates: These machined flat aluminum sharpening plates can be used with wet and dry sand paper as well as high performance film-based abrasives.
  • They never need resurfacing
  • Are impervious to oil and water
  • Are guaranteed flat to within .003"
  • The 8" Plate can be mounted directly into the Pinnacle® Honing Guide.
  • The 14" Pinnacle® Honing Plate permits longer, uninterrupted strokes, resulting in faster sharpening.
To use the 14" Pinnacle® Honing Plate with your Pinnacle® Honing Guide, you'll need the 14" Honing Plate Kit # 147987 below.
  • Both plates can be used with most sharpening jigs.
Pinnacle® 14" Honing Plate Kit When used with the Honing Guide and the 14" long honing film, the extra length of the honing plate means fewer strokes, increased control and greater accuracy. Kit includes:
  • The new 14" Honing Plate
  • 20" guides rails (to replace the original rails of your Pinnacle® Honing Guide)
  • A 3 piece assortment pack of honing film
The honing plate is guaranteed flat within .003". Pinnacle® Honing Film: Obtain a more highly polished surface with Pinnacle® Honing Film. It is far superior to conventional wet & dry abrasive with its micro-fine, high grade grit and superior finish qualities. Honing Film packs include:
  • (3) 8" x 2-5/8" abrasive film sheets designed for use with the Pinnacle® Honing Plate
  • The Granite Surface Plate
  • Glass surface plates
Honing Film is PSA backed and can be used as such, or with soap and water, for easy reuse. Pinnacle® Angle Gauge: Measure the bevel angle before and after sharpening with a measuring tool specifically designed for this purpose.
  • The Pinnacle® Angle Gauge ranges from 15 to 45 degrees.
  • The most common angles are between 25 and 30 degrees.
  • Precision machined, anodized aluminum parts for years of accurate performance.