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pfeil Swiss made Drawknives

pfeil Swiss made Straight Drawknife
$54.63 $68.29
pfeil Swiss made Carver's Drawknife
$65.59 $81.99
pfeil Swiss made Large Carving Drawknife
$107.99 $134.99
Finely machined from the best alloy tool steel, each drawknife is shaped to give optimum control when shaping blanks or making critical finishing cuts. Feature hand turned non-slip cherry handles; ample finger space around blades for safe holding during use; presharpened, single beveled cutting edges to shear wood effortlessly and rehone easily. Exceptional tools. (A) Straight Drawknife. Blade 5" long x 7/8" wide, overall length 12-1/2". (B) Carver's Drawknife. Blade 4-1/2" long x 7/8" wide. (C) Large Carver's Drawknife. Blade is slightly convex, 9-1/2" long x 1" wide, 17" overall. Includes leather sheath.