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BARR Timber Framing Chisels

2" Framing Chisel
1-1/2" Framing Chisel
1-1/2", #5 Sweep Gouge
2-5/8" Timber Framer's Slick
Leather Chisel Tip Guard
Leather Chisel Holster
Barr Quarton has been working with tool steel for over 18 years, and has applied his knowledge and skill to making the finest hand forged, individually tempered, woodworking tools available. In a day and age where most tools are drop forged, stamped or cut out and then poorly tempered, a majority of people have never had the pleasure of using a hand forged tool.
  • Hammer forging packs the steel producing a very fine-grained, dense metal.
  • This process also introduces more carbon into a smaller area.
  • As a result you get a blade with remarkable edge holding ability without being brittle.
  • Chisels feature fitted socket handles, steel ferrules, and are delivered shaving sharp!
Leather Tip Guards and Holster. Made from heavy saddle grade leather and hand stitched. Both the tip guards and holster are furnished with an ABS plastic insert to protect the leather and the tool.