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Dust Collector Remote Control System

WoodRiver 110-Volt Dust Collector Remote Control Switch
WoodRiver 220-Volt Dust Collector Remote Control Switch
WoodRiver Extra Key Fob For Remote Control Switch #145475 and #145476
It never fails, every time you need to start your dust collector you're on the other side of the shop. Our remote control will give you the convenience of being able to turn on your dust collector from as far away as 50 feet. It even works through walls! Simply press the "On"/"Off" button on the key fob and your dust collector responds accordingly.
  • Installation is easy—plug the remote base unit into a power source, plug your dust collector into the base unit, and set the collector's switch to "On".
  • The base unit includes a 6-foot cord and mounting tabs so it can be mounted to the wall.
  • The key fob includes batteries and a quick-latch key chain to keep it handy.
  • 110V unit will operate dust collectors up to 1-1/2HP.
  • 220V unit up to 3HP.