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Koch Studio Kollegs

Regardless of your carving experience, Koch Studio Kollegs can broaden your knowledge and increase your skill. Master Carver Kurt Koch has chosen a subject for each Kolleg specifically designed to increase your knowledge, confidence and skill. Numerous illustrations and photographs are incorporate in easy to follow instructions which detail proper tool selection, handling and application. Upon completion, you'll bask in the knowledge you've gained and have a carving you'll cherish forever. Each Kollege is written in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish. Kolleg #5 Hands Instruction in carving the seven known carved motives of hands: The working hand; the hand of the crucified; open hand of a woman; hand with firm grip, half closed hand, hand grabbing something fine and hand of an infant. 44 pages. Over 340 photo's. Kolleg # 10 Heads Instruction in carving the different faces (heads) that lend itself to a family grouping: Young lady, child and man with beard. 40 pages. Over 340 photo's. Kolleg #30 Climbing Clown Instruction in carving a clown climbing a rope. Once finished you'll be able to actually hang the clown from a piece of rope. A large carving approximately 19" tall, this project is generally regarded as one for the more advanced carver. 52 pages. Over 350 photo's. Kolleg #46 Standing Bear Instruction in carving a standing bear approximately 15½" tall not including the base. Over 81 steps, 365 photos along with copious illustrations guide you through the project. Considered a project for the more advanced carver. 56 pages.