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DOCKYARD Micro Carving Tools

Dockyard 1.5 mm Width Micro Carving Tool Set
Dockyard 2 mm Width Micro Carving Tool Set
Dockyard 3 mm Width Micro Carving Tool Set
Dockyard Micro Carving Expansion, Set of 5
Dockyard Sculptor's Set, 5 piece
Dockyard Micro Gouge Set, 5 piece
Dockyard Micro Dogleg Chisel, Set of 4
Micro Carving Tool Pouches
Dockyard Gouge and V Tool Strop
Individually hand forged, tempered to Rc58 for a durable edge, and tested to ensure proper sharpness and edge profile. Overall lengths 5" with 4" octagonal cherry wood handles. Sets contain: single and double bevel chisels, double bevel skew chisel, 90º V-parting, and No. 11 U-gouge. Sharpened and ready for use. Additional Micro Carving Sets (not photographed) will increase the scope of your detail work. Made with the same fine steel and craftsmanship as our other micro tools. Presharpened and ready to use. Micro Carving Expansion Set. Useful shapes include 2.4mm and 3.25mm dogleg chisels, 75º V-parting, 4mm No. 9 gouge, and 5mm No. 8 gouge. Micro Sculpture Set includes 4mm No. 9 gouge, 3mm and 2mm No. 11 gouges, 2mm 90º V-parting and 2mm double bevel chisel. Micro Gouge Set includes 5mm No. 8 gouge; 4mm No. 9 gouge; 3mm, 2mm and 1.5mm No. 11 gouges. Micro Dogleg Chisel Set includes 3.25mm, 2.75mm, 2.4mm and 2mm dogleg chisels. Micro Carving Tool Pouches are made of hand stitched heavy canvas with flip top, and hook and loop style closing strips. Will hold five micro carving tools. USA.