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MSA Half Mask Respirators

Toxic Dust Respirator
Toxic Dust Respirator Repl. Cartridges (2)
Multi-Purpose Respirator
Multi-Purpose Respirator Replacement Cartridges (2)
Half Mask Respirators. These respirators feature soft, comfortable, great fitting facepieces for superior comfort and protection, built-in exhalation valves, low profile replaceable cartridges for better vision, and come in recloseable packaging for easy and safe storage. The Toxic Dust Respirator traps over 99.97% of toxic dust including lead, asbestos, and Hantavirus. Meets the latest US government respirator standards (P100 Class) and OSHA and NIOSH requirements. The Multi-Purpose Respirator provides further protection from paint fumes, (except urethane paints), pesticides, lead fumes, ammonia, asbestos, and toxic dusts. Meets OSHA and NIOSH requirements. Cartridges are interchangeable between respirators.

Pancake Style Filters.
These inexpensive pancake style replacement filters will fit either of the above respirators. The N95 filter is 95% effective against particulate matter free of oils. The P100 filter is 99.97% (HEPA) effective against particulate matter that may or may not include oils. Both filters are recommended for general use and woodworking in particular with the P100 recommended for those with sensitivity to wood dust. Both meet the latest US government, OSHA and NIOSH requirements.