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INCRA Miter Gauge 1000SE

Incra Miter Combo Value Pack
INCRA Miter Gauge 1000SE
The INCRA 1000SE, a Woodcraft exclusive, has all the great features of the popular INCRA Miter1000 plus more! The Incra Miter Combo Value Pack includes INCRA Miter Express (#146488) and INCRA Miter Gauge 1000SE (#143842).
  • The Special Edition adds a stainless steel Vernier cursor for an incredible 1/10th degree resolution between fixed steps
  • The Special Edition also includes a miter fence that telescopes from 18" to a full 30" in length with the new INCRA Flip Shop Stop™ for patented Automatic Positioning Control™
  • The saw tooth rack system instantly controls the length of your cut with INCRA's legendary machine shop accuracy as the dual "Flip" arms provide flexibility
  • The Flip Shop Stop™ is equipped with three sliding stop rods that operate independently or in tandem for one, two, or three simultaneous stop positioner setups